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is there anyway that we can send a certificate of completion  to a customer after they complete a survey?  Ideally, it would include the participant’s name and the date.


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Lola Gill answered
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    Another option (though less customizable than the custom script option) is to use the Send Email Action with PDF attachment to send an auto respondent to the survey taker once they’re done:



    You have some options for the PDF, but the look & feel of the PDF using this method is not customizable.

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      darlene answered

        Yes – there is a way to send a certificate of completion to a respondent.  However, it will involve some custom scripting.

        There is a custom script available at https://script.surveygizmo.com/help/certificate.  You can download an example survey with this script to your account.  It is not a very complex script, but it has a lot of moving pieces so you will have to play with for some time before you can adapt it for your own uses.


        Good luck!

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