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Hi, I can’t save my Word document summary report. It allows me to try to save as, and then the same ‘save’ screen comes up again, and it’s not saving to my files. It’s in read-only mode also, not sure if that has something to do with it. Ideally I’d like to save it as an editable Word document. Thanks.

Lisa Safstrom asked

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    Kathleen, yes- it was one chart that was corrupting the whole thing. I went through my whole survey and very tediously copied questions (a few at a time) to a new Word document. When I got about 90% through the survey there was one question that couldn’t be copied. I deleted this and was then able to save. That one question/chart said something like it was from a previous edit, I don’t know why it was showing.

    I also googled the problem earlier and found this, which is the same issue: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2013_release-word/word-2013-will-not-let-me-save-updates-to-a/a83d9956-5dc8-4c55-9e28-3835c2937cee?auth=1

    Good luck!

    Lisa Safstrom answered

      Hey Lisa, Every time I save my reports to Word they are editable. Do you know what version of Word you’re using? Do you have an IT team that would be able to look into it?

      Molly Hooper answered

        Hi Lisa

        Did you solve your issue?  I am having the same problem

        kathleencoward388899 answered


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