[Solved] Can’t edit a question.


I am an administrator for a survey and I noticed often I can’t edit questions, unless I logout and then log back in.  I can modify other questions.  I double click on the question, I get the font info, but my curser doesn’t show up.  I’m using IE 9.0.8  Could this be a browser issue?

Cris Robinso answered

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    Hi Stephen! Dominic’s suggestion to clear cache and cookies was a good one I think (oftentimes weird/intermittent UI behavior problems are due to a “stale” or outdated cached file that is not doing what it is supposed to). If that did not help, and you are unable to update to a modern browser, you may wish to try running your browser in “Enterprise Mode” (this is a special setting that Internet Explorer has, to help it behave properly when viewing modern websites).


    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      I realize this is an older question, but I have had this issue with the last several versions of IE and SurveyGizmo.  When I edit an existing question, I click on the question text and nothing happens – no cursor, can’t type, etc.  However, I haven’t ever had to log out and back in again to fix it.  Instead, I just click on one of the font size or color formatting buttons under the text that I’m trying to edit, and then I can click back into the text and my cursor appears.  It’s also not something that happens consistently, but does occur most of the time.  In fact, I’m just in the habit of click in the box, click on font color, click back in the box.  In case it’s a clue: I’m on IE 11 and up to date on service packs etc. as of today and cache is cleaned routinely. 

      Cris Robinso answered

        It could be browser related – do you have another browser to try with to rule that out?

        You may also try clearing the cache and cookies on your current browser (if you google “clear cache/cookies for IE 9”, you should get some directions for this.

        Hope that helps with troubleshooting

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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