[Solved] Can’t alter javascript to pop up another image or to accept a different window size…


Because the Link window won’t retain Target values, SG helped set-up this java code under Link > Link Info, selecting <other> for Protocol:

javascript:window.open(‘https://surveygizmolibrary.s3.amazonaws.com/library/69375/thumb_1445354574_HFTGraphic11.png.png’, ‘Image’, ‘width=200,height=150’);

I would like to use this code to set-up other images, and I would like to increase the size of the window, but when I change the image or the size of the window, it gives me a message of invalid value.

I tried substituting just an image located in the same library and (separately) changing the size of the window, including to 800 X 600, but I get the same invalid value message.

What am I doing wrong?

Steven Di Pill asked

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    Hi Steven,


    Thanks so much for using community!


    You may want to try unchecking “Automatically verify and fix this question’s HTML” if it is checked! This setting will prevent this pop-up from working.


    If that doesn’t do the trick, we may have to get this request opened in a ticket. If you could email support with Attention Ryan in the subject line, I can grab it and take a look at your survey! Just be sure to include the title of the survey and page you are experiencing this on!


    I hope my first suggestion works, but if not I look forward to your response!


    Thank you very much,


    Ryan Voigt
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    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered


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