[Solved] Can you reassign Question ID numbers?


When I constructed my survey, I threw all of the questions in randomly and then re-ordered. In the next few days, I plan to ask others to review my questions, but because I will continue to move questions around, I would like to refer to each question’s ID number instead of its sequential number. Is there a way to reassign the Question ID numbers before I do this? 

rosemariefang asked

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    I believe that the question ID’s are part of the data structure that is built as you develop your survey – they cannot be reassigned.

    You might want to look at using the question alias for what you are doing.  See the documentation for details – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/using-question-aliases#using-question-aliases Using the alias lets you create a standard name or reference for each question. 

    Jim Wetherill answered


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