[Solved] Can you collect email address from the thank you page?


When people complete my survey, I want to give them the opportunity to sign up for a free gift by sharing their email address. Can I do this?

Theresa290895 asked

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    I do not believe so unless you redirect them to a different page where you could set up a simple form to capture that.  In the cases where my clients want to do this, I insert a page between the “end” of the survey and the Thank You page where I ask if they want to sign up for an incentive for doing something.  Just a thought that may work for you.

    Jon Erickson answered
      Holly 2.17K Rep.

      Hey Theresa,

      To piggyback off of what Jon said, the thank you page cannot collect data. In order for a page to collect data, the page must be submitted.

      I agree with Jon! I think inserting a page before the thank you page or redirecting them to another form to capture this information would be the most helpful.


      Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

      Holly answered


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