[Solved] Can you change the style and color of the “save and continue button”?


I’d like to change the style and color of the “save and continue button” so that it is easier to see. Is there a way?

Victoria Wheat373049 asked

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    In addition, here is a helpful article we have on updating the styling of the Save and Continue bar:


    Tyler - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hi Victoria,

      I am thinking that there isn’t an option built into survey gizmo that I have seen that lets you change the styling, color of font, and background of that save and continue bar.

      I know that this can be done using CSS though. Here is an example of the CSS I have used before (note that this CSS is for the new theme builder and also, this will not update the styling in mobile themes for the save and continue bar, that would require additional CSS):

      #sg-snc-bar {

      background: #fab3ff;


      #sg-snc-bar a {

      color: #000000;


      #sg-snc-box {

      color: #000000;



      Here is a screenshot of how you can update this code to change the colors to your liking as well.


      And as Abbie said, inside of text and translations you can update the verbiage and font styling of the save and continue messaging.


      I hope this helps get your survey styled!



      Lauren Dillard answered

        Yes, you can edit the text for Save and Continue button by going into Tools > Text & Translations > English > Save & Continue. The Save & Continue tab is where you can edit and change the text of all of the default system messages and buttons, so just search for your preferred text in that section and you can edit it there. You can also add html tags to customize it, for example:

        <strong> Your text here </strong>

        That will make the text bold. Hope this helps! Thanks!



        Abbie Valle165362 answered


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