Can you change a subquestion to a question?


I built a form with several custom group questions that have all sub-questions.  However, the Google sheet integration won’t work well with custom group questions so I have to redo them all as individual questions.

Is there an easy way to do this besides recreating the questions all one at a time?  Can the sub-questions be copied with all settings intact and pasted as text boxes/dropdown menus/radio buttons or whatever they already are?


Kim Hubbard asked

    I had to recreate the questions from scratch.  I definitely think there should be an easier way, considering the popularity of google sheets and the fact that it’s not obvious up front that ALL Custom Group questions are incompatible.

    The page that lists the questions types that are incompatible ( mentions Custom Group, but specifies “Add As Needed (as it is also a form of Piping)” which seems confusing.  Is it just that specific kind of Custom Question that’s incompatible?  Or are they all incompatible?  From my experience it looks like all Custom Group questions are incompatible.  None of the Custom Group questions I had on my form fed to my spreadsheet.

    Perhaps if the documentation on that page were improved, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on this already.


    Kim Hubbard answered

      Hi Kim,

      I was wondering if you’ve found any way to do this?

      I tried a few different options (just changing the question copy, making copies of the question and adding the question to the library) but found that the safest route seemed to be to just disable the custom group and rebuild the questions as need be. It was a bit of legwork but everything went smoothly and I didn’t lose any data which is most important for me.



      Robert Hamlsey answered


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