[Solved] Can we have ‘Correct!”/”Wrong!” instantly appear after a user selects a multiple choice answer?


The way we’ve currently got our quiz, a user selects and answer from a list of options, then clicks ‘Next’ to find out if they’re right or wrong. We think it would be smoother/more rewarding if a user could get an instant right/wrong response as soon as they select their option. Is this possible?



anagle159845 asked

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    Hey Anagle159845,

    You can insert a text/media box that says whether the answer is right or wrong and then using the logic tab in the text/media box, you can reveal the text when they select the right answer.

    This should solve your issue. Here is a primer on question logic if you haven’t used it before.

    Nick Wicks answered

      Ah got it! Thanks for all your help Nick!

      anagle159845 answered

        Thanks again Nick! Sorry to be a pain – I can’t see an option to hide the question under the Validation tab, it only seems to have options about whether an answer is required or not?

        anagle159845 answered
          • Apologies, I meant the Logic tab. It should say “After answering, hide this question”


          Thanks Nick. I’m still a real beginner with SurveyGizmo – would using that approach still allow the quiz to tally a user’s score? We currently have it set up to show different end messages depending on how many questions they get right.

          anagle159845 answered
            • To answer your question, yes it would.

              My only concern with giving the user the correct answer immediately is that they might change their answer before hitting the “Next” button. If that’s not a concern for you, then no big deal, but if it is, I might recommend hiding each question after it is answered (you can do this by going to the “Validation” tab in each question). Obviously this has the drawback of hiding the question even if the user selects an answer by accident.

              Hope that helps!



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