[Solved] Can the Signature question type be pushed into SalesForce?


I am working on a survey that will be pushed into SalesForce. The mapping works, except for the Signature questions. Can data from the Signature question type be pushed into SalesForce? If so, how does SalesForce need to be set up to receive the data (i.e. textbox, etc.)?

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    This is now solved (sort of). The Signature question cannot be pushed into SalesForce, but the Signature Question can be used to pre-populate another  question on a later page that is set to be automatically completed. This field can then be pushed into SalesForce. This will not push the actual signature into SalesForce, but will push the data from the textbox portion of the signature question, which is an acceptable workaround for my project. The signature can then be downloaded via PDF from SurveyGizmo and uploaded elsewhere, such as SalesForce or SharePoint, as needed.

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