[Solved] Can the password page for a shared report (via link) be edited/enhanced with text/logo etc?


The ability to share realtime results via a report share link is great but the link landing page for password protected reports is very basic.  is it possible to brand/design that page and give additional instruction text etc?



Drew Fobbester215163 asked

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    Hi Drew,

    There are no built-in settings to alter the appearance of the shared report/export Login page, I’m sorry to say.

    However, the Login page is a very plain HTML page that simply POSTs to itself with a “password” parameter attached. If you have any web development resources available to you (or even basic HTML skills) creating your own Login page would be quite simple. Perhaps something like the following:

    <!– Somewhere on your own HTML page –>

    <form method=’post’ action=’YOUR SHARED EXPORT LINK HERE′>
    Password: <input name=’password’ type=’password’ size=’15’ maxlength=”255″ id=’password’ />
    <input type=’submit’ value=’Go’ />

    It won’t matter “where” the POST request is coming from, so this HTML page could be one hosted on your own website, or even an HTML page uploaded to your File Library. Here’s an example “custom” log-in page, that redirects to an actual password protected export:


    The password is 123, but try an incorrect password as well to see what the behavior is. (The “bad password” behavior cannot be changed, unfortunately, outside of completely handling the authentication process on your own server). I hope this might help you or others looking to “white label” this part of the software

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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