[Solved] can the date and time of a survey be asked for in an offline survey?


I need to do a survey offline because internet access won’t exist at the field site. I need to make sure I know when (date and time) the survey was administered. The “Collect Responses in Offline Mode” says numbers and dates are not supported in offline mode. Does this mean I cannot ask the researcher to enter that information? There’s no way to collect it?

Jennifer Chase asked

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    First when the response is uploaded to the server you will get the date/time of the upload.  But you are correct the date look up function is not available in the offline mode because it uses java script to implement the widget.  But you could just have a simple text entry box asking the person to enter the date and time.  Clearly it is not as good as it does not validate the data but it will give you the date/time based on what the person entered.

    Jon E (Moderator) answered


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