[Solved] Can Survey Gizmo self-populate data from an external database?


Can Survey Gizmo self-populate data from an external database? For example, if I have a customer database with company profile info, is there a way to have that data self-populated into the survey and have the respondent simply validate if that info is correct?


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    Depending on your needs and which SurveyGizmo account type you have, another option is to use the HTTP Connect action to pull the data in.

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      Thanks for the post! We cannot directly prepopulate from an external database, but I have a couple suggestions on how we can get your survey to prepopulate.

      1. If you export the information from your external database, you can upload it into a Login action where the respondent can easily type in their name or email address have their survey populated.
      2. If you plan on inviting your respondents via SurveyGizmo, our Email Campaigns will generate unique tracking links that will prepopulate the survey.
      3. You can also use URL variables to prepopulate your survey. This may not be ideal, but it is a method to prepopulate that I thought I should include it just in case.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions just let us know!
      Have a wonderful day!

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