[Solved] Can respondents forward my link?


If I send out a link, can people forward that link on to other people? Do I need to do anything special to make sure it works?



Robert Hamlsey asked

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    Any link can be forwarded… You can’t necessarily just prevent a person from forwarding an email message or a link.

    What I do (and have seen other do this in survey invitations that I receive) is provide my audience with clear instructions. Maybe something like the following:

    feel free to forward this link to your friends and family or,

    the link provided is a unique link and should not be forwarded to anyone

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      You can also look at your data download and see the referring URL (Referrer).  That can help determine whether the respondent came from your site or email, or from somewhere else.

      Carolyn Gilbert answered

        I don’t see why not…  Your default survey link could easily be forwarded. As long as it’s not a unique link you should be good.


        Noel Black answered


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