[Solved] Can i view a question results trended over time?




I have a survey that collects data every week.  I’d like to view some questions trended over time e.g. to view satisfaction scores weekly, monthly etc.  is it possible to either download a summary that spans over timer periods or to view charts that trend results over time?




Mark Vaughan281414 asked

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    Hi Mark, 

    You can use the Question Explorer to view trends over time. You can find this feature under the “Results” Tab/”Explorer”.  Here is a help article with more information: Using the Question Explorer.  Take a look at the section where it says 

    Response Timeline
    Below this you will have a response timeline for your selected question. This will chart when each of the answer options in your selected question over time. This allows you to see how responses to this question might vary over time.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.


    Mary L (Moderator) answered


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