[Solved] Can I use one question to generate 2 separate quizzes?


I need to understand if people are managers or users before asking them questions, but I also want to score the quizzes separately (user-level can be pass/fail with # correct and the manager level can be tally). Is there a way to have a main question that pipes/sends people to 2 separate Quizzes?



Rand Worldwide asked

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    Sure, probably the Skip/disqualify action. After your question about identifying respondents as managers or users, input this action (part of page logic). You can tell the survey that if a respondents select “Manager” to send them to an external URL (i.e. your manager quiz), and same for users.

    – Amanda

    Amanda Pelliccione answered

      Thanks! I was using the Skip/Disqualify but had sent them to another page instead of considering an external URL. Perfect!


      Rand Worldwide answered


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