Can I set up a Diary Panel Style Study so same respondent can come back daily to provide responses?


I want to do a diary panel type study with my own sample of respondents. I want them to be able to come back to the survey daily to answer questions and for all their responses to be linked together. I’m also interested in them being able to add pictures and videos from their mobile phones.

mspiegel asked

    Hi mspiegel,

    There are multiple ways you could go about this. Some high level overviews of ideas would include:

    • Use some type of unique identifier with each respondent to track there responses over time.
    • or
    • Use their sguid to track there responses over time and display them back to the user

    The first option can be done fairly simple through built in SG features where the second option requires programming that can eventually lead to more/better features.

    Without getting into a studies paper worth of content those are 2 high level options I would think about using.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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