[Solved] Can I require comments for certain answers?


I’d like to require a comment if people select Strongly Disagree or Disagree. Is that possible?  


If they agree or like something, I don’t need more detail. If they don’t like something, though, I want more info – what about it don’t they like?  This would help me improve more than just knowing they don’t like something. 

Paige Tabor asked

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    Hey Paige!

    Two possibilities for you include the “Conditionally required” setting, and using question logic in combination with the standard “required” setting.

    Conditionally required

    This setting allows you to dynamically make a question required or not depending on the answer to a previous question. One limitation to this setting is that the question you are basing this logic off of must be on a previous page. (In other words, your comments question would have to be on the page after your “Agree/Disagree” question). This helpful tutorial contains screenshots and instructions on adding this setting:


    Same-page solution

    If you do not want a page-break between your “Agree/Disagree” question and the comments question, an alternate solution may be to apply the normal “required” setting to your comments question. This question would then be controlled with Question Show Logic, so it only displays if Strongly Disagree or Disagree is the selected answer option.

    Optionally, you could use the “soft required” setting when using this approach. This prompts the respondent to fill in the question if left blank, but will not prevent them from submitting the survey if they really do not want to fill out the comments question.


    Sidenote regarding the “Allow comments for this question” setting

    Both of the solutions above assume you are using a separate textbox (or essay) question to collect comments. It will not be possible to use either of the above suggestions if you are using the built-in “Comments” feature, found on the Layout tab while editing your question. This Comments box is either on or off, and can not have any validation applied to it.

    I hope this helps answer your question!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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