[Solved] Can I produce a respondent report with calculated data?


I currently have a questionnaire/survey where I copy and paste the raw data into an Excel spreadsheet, have Excel perform various complex calculations using the data, and then use a Word merge file to create a final report with all of the calculated data.  It works quite well, but requires me to touch every single response by hand.  

I am looking for a way to automate this process in SurveyGizmo.  Any ideas??


I would be most grateful for any help!



kcrossing asked

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    Hi KC!

    In general, performing arbitrary calculations on your data is not something built in to SurveyGizmo, I am sorry to say. Summary Reports are able to perform a number of pre-defined statistical calculations (average, min, max, standard deviation, etc), and a number of our other report types are able to calculate averages as well, but user-defined calculations are not currently possible.

    I hope this helps to answer your question!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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