[Solved] Can I place a unique QR code on each individual registrants confirmation for print?


I am building a registration form. At the end of the “registration process” I would like for the confirmation information to populate a QR code that is unique to that registrant. Then I will use the QR code on site to check in all of the registrants and/or print name badges when they walk in.


Is this possible?

Brad Copeland asked

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    I don’t believe printing a unique QR code for each respondent at the end of the survey is something that is built into SurveyGizmo…

    If you are mainly concerned about generating some sort of unique value at the end of your survey, there are some options for this.

    One thing that you might consider is using the response session ID (unique to every respondent though admittedly a bit lengthy).

    You can use the following merge code on your survey: [survey(“session id”)]

    Wherever this merge code is placed, the respondent’s unique session ID will be displayed. There are a couple other options here:


    Hope some of this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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