[Solved] Can I omit the footer in an email campaign?


I’m based in Australia and am a biology student sending out a one-time survey to elicit expert advice from researchers around the world. Does the CAN-SPAM Act still hold in my circumstance? Is it still required of me to insert this footer?

This message was sent by [account(“physical address”)]. To unsubscribe, click below:
[invite(“unsubscribe link”), title=”Unsubscribe”]

I will be sending an initial email to invite researchers to take the survey, then a reminder two weeks later if they still haven’t completed it.

I’m also having trouble getting my head around SPF records, all I want is the researchers to see that the invite has come from my personal university email address and any replies will be directed to that address. I wouldn’t think I need an SPF record for a university email address, but I could be wrong. Sorry if my question is vague, I’m still trying to do some reading through the documentation to figure this all out!


Gabby asked

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    I believe the CAN SPAM laws will still apply since you are sending through SG’s US based servers…

    As for the SPF record… I have not used this personally but imagine that it could help mitigate against email being placed in spam folders.

    I found this on the documentation:


    Here is some info on changing the ‘from’ address:


    I know that in the past I have heard that doing this can impact deliverability. If you are emailing from SurveyGizmo to many .edu addresses or educational institutions, I suggest testing thoroughly to make sure the emails are getting through.

    Educational institutions tend to have very strict spam/junk filters and the likelihood of emails being flagged as spam is higher.

    Hope this helps

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      • Thanks for your answer! At the moment, it looks like I’m still going to have trouble with deliverability, as I do not control the domain of my university email address, I therefore cannot create an SPF record for it. I do have access to an alternate email for which I control the domain, but it is a personal email address and not affiliated with my univeristy, so it would look unprofessional and possibly more suspicious because the invitation email instructs respondents to send any feedback to my university email address.



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