[Solved] Can I move a survey response from one survey set to another?


We built three identical but separate surveys each survey was sent to a specific set/type of customers.  Can I now move a survey response from one survey to another?  

John Sawyer64484 asked

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    There is not a feature for ‘moving’ responses between survey. Having said that, SurveyGizmo has a Data Import Tool that allows you to upload data into a survey:


    The way this tool works is you export data (via CSV/Excel) from one survey and use that excel file to import data to another survey using the Data Import Tool.

    The tool does have some limitations outlined in the article above.

    What may work best for you is to create a brand new copy of your survey so that you continue to have the 3 surveys, but the copy can serve as a master where you upload the data from the other 3 surveys…

    One last note… anytime I am dealing with my survey data, I like to export the data and save that data (as a back up)… just in case.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Dominic, thank you for the help. I will try your approach and keep my fingers crossed.

      John Sawyer64484 answered

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        John Sawyer64484 answered


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