Can I make updates to a live survey to TEST without it being part of the live survey?


I have a live survey and i would like to update the logic.  Is there a way to make the change and test it out before making the changes live?

steve asked

    Thank you.  I guess SG has some updates it needs to release 🙂

    The option to make changes without it going live and then setting it live seems like a very logical option to have.

    steve answered

      Hi Steve,

      What Jim has said is definitely doable, however depending on how you have sent out your survey, respondents may still try to enter and will be faced with a “Survey Closed” message – even if it’s only for a little while whilst you update and test. This can be frustrating in the eyes of the respondent, especially if you have stated that the Survey Close date is some time in the future.

      What I suggest is to make a copy of the whole survey – renamed to make it clear it’s for testing purposes only – and test your logic through there. Once you are confident the logic works correct and you would like to add it to the survey, then do so on the live version and delete your test survey.

      If your logic takes some time to implement, you can either close your survey or set up logic that will skip over your area that you are working on, so that you can complete your update without respondents entering partway through.


      Rhys Slattery answered
        • I agree that creating a copy to test on sounds like the best approach, then apply to main survey at a time when you think respondents will not be accessing your survey or closing briefly.


        Yes.  First – close your survey and update the logic. Although the survey is closed it can still be run in TEST mode – use the PREVIEW function or the TEST link. When you are sure that the logic path is working correctly you can reopen the survey and delete the test responses that you created.

        Jim Wetherill answered


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