[Solved] Can I import / copy a survey from one Survey Gizmo account to another?


Hi, is it possible to copy an existing survey created using one Survey Gizmo account to another account?

Kaisa Toroskainen asked

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    Hi Kaisa! Transferring surveys from one account to another is not something we have built in to SurveyGizmo at this time. Our team does have an internal tool we can use to help with any survey transferring needs though ūüôā

    We have created a transfer request form to help speed this process, which is done manually by a member of our Support team. Because of the manual nature of this process, there is a 10 survey transfer limit, after which there is a $10 fee per additional survey. You can find a link to the transfer request form and helpful hints for finding the appropriate ID numbers and such in this short tutorial:


    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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