Can I give my survey a menu to go back to specific questions/pages?


Hi, I have a survey I use for internal users. They use it to fill out various questions on the quality of a room in apartments before a client moves in. Sometimes they can have many rooms (pages). Is it possible to give them a menu of the various pages so they can easily go back to a specific question?




Michelle231447 asked

    Hi, Michelle!
    Great question!

    My suggestion is to create a Radio Button question that provides the different sections as the answer options. You can set up a Jump for each answer option so the respondent that jump from section to section.

    Here is a link to our documentation that will show you how to set up those jumps:

    Once you have that set up, it may be a good idea to add a question at the end of each page like
    ‘would you like to continue to the next section?’ Then depending on what they choose, you can have those redirects either jump them to the next section, or have them revert back to page where you ask them what section they would like to jump to.

    I hope this helps!


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    seanalee flaherty answered


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