[Solved] Can I get help customising a summary report


I would like to be able to make two types of templated summary reports available to my clients who take one of my surveys.

  1. I’d like the individual to be able to download their own results
  2. I’d like them to be able to download a summary report for the team

Would it be possible to discuss this with someone and get help on achieving these two goals.

Thanks so much



Joe Espana asked

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    Holly 2.17K Rep.

    Hey Joe!

    Thanks so much for using our Community forum!

    1- I’d recommend using our Review Response action. This will allow your respondents to download a PDF of their response.

    2- You can absolutely include a link to the summary report. Here’s an article on how you will be able to grab that link to insert in your survey so your respondents will be able to view and download a summary report.

    Hope this helps!

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    Holly answered


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