[Solved] Can I create a subfolder for templates?


I’d like to be able to put our custom templates in subfolders, so that when we select “Use a Template” under “Create a Survey,” we can narrow down to a particular type of survey we use. Is it possible to create template subfolders for this or to do something similar?

Colin answered

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    There is not a way to create the type of subfolders (for templates) that you are looking for. Any template that you create in your account is automatically placed into a category titled ‘Custom Templates’.

    When you click on Create a Survey > Use a Template, the Custom Templates category will be the first template category that is shown.

    SurveyGizmo has foldering/sub-foldering available, as described here:


    But this doesn’t seem like it would get you exactly what you are looking for. Hope this helps clarify!

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      Thanks for the explanation. I’d vote for the ability to create template sub-folders to choose from when creating a new survey. But everyone has their own wishlist….

      Colin answered


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