[Solved] Can I change the ‘Alias’ name in a Survey that is already open?


Hello there,


I launched a survey recently (HR Survey 2015) and I noticed in the CSV data export that the column headers are not what I was expecting – the numbering appears to draw from the ‘Alias’ number setting for the question rather than the actual number of the question.


I created this Survey by adapting a previous one we did, but I did not look at the Alias settings that had previously been set.


Please could you explain to me the purpose of the Alias setting, and secondly how best to get the data output headers into the order I would expect them (to follow the question numbering) – should I remove the existing Alias settings or add an Alias for each question to match its actual number? Will there be any impact on the Survey for making any such changes (it is already open and we have recieved responses).


Many thanks!



Alan193166 asked

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    HI Alan,


    The Alias is a reporting feature which allows you to code your own question for reporting. So for example if you had a question “What is your age?” but you wanted it to export simply as Age, you would set the Alias. Think of them as reporting values for the question titles.

    If you have a specific format you want to see the export in, your best bet will be to set the Alias for each question, that way you have complete control over what you’re seeing on the exporting end.

    DataNerd1507 answered


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