[Solved] Can I break a survey into multiple parts so it can be completed in two sittings?


I have a long-ish survey I am planning to administer to students in grades 4-8. Because of the length, I would like to break it up into at least 2 parts. I will need the data from both parts to be linked. Is there a way to insert a “continue this survey later” link within the survey so it’s obvious for these students?¬†

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    There is a Save & Continue option within SurveyGizmo – it comes in two forms but both rely on email addresses to a certain extent (which I imagine is tricky with the age groups that are taking your survey)…

    Here are some links that might be helpful:



    There is one workaround that I can think of that should get you what you are looking for though..

    You can use the SG Email Campaign feature to create unique links for each student (you would not actually send the email):

    • you upload a list of ‘place holder’ email addresses such as student1@email.com, student2@email.com, etc. – the email campaign will create a unique save & continue
    • you can then download your unique links using the ‘export contacts with send status’ link on the ¬†Contacts tab.

    This will give you unique links for each student (the links will automatically track progress so the students would need to click on the same link they originally got to pick up where they left off.

    Here is some info on creating an email campaign:


    Hope this helps!

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