Can I backup the surveys?


We’re worried that if something bad happens, we would lose all the Surveys we worked on. That represents an awful lot of money. Is there a way to dump them to files without having to copy paste everything locally?

denniswormald answered

    For anyone looking at other options, there is something not mentioned here. You can use the API if you are technically minded. You can use the API to get a JSON version of the survey. Hope this helps someone as I used this to export all my surveys out and use them in another program.

    denniswormald answered

      The document Survey Gizmo saves as a “Word” file is not really a Word file. If you open it in Notpad, you will see it is an HTML. But it’s strange; will not open in Dreamweaver. But it would be parseable for purposes of recreating a survey. I also tried changing the file extension from doc to zip. In later versions of Word this, when unzipped, reveals all the files of the OpenXML … but this didn’t work with the Survey Gizmo file.  I don’t know enough about Amazon web service to comment on how it’s involved with the file.

      David Stum answered

        I’d need a solution to quickly revert a survey to a previous version (questions and style). We are considering training a new guy to work on the surveys but we don’t want to risk loosing a lot of money on breaking live surveys. An MS Word export would not help a lot. Especially considering this would strip away all the HTML in the texts.

        Lucas Painchaud326261 answered
          • Understood. I have used a few other survey packages and none of them ever had an option that would let you easily revert back to an earlier version. The survey database is being built as the questions are added, so reverting would probably lead to data integrity problems. You could copy an active survey and revise it as needed. You would also be able to import responses from previous surveys into the new version.


          I have never seen a function that would allow us to download copies of the surveys in XML or any other format. 

          SurveyGizmo uses database servers from Amazon Web Services (see for details) .  If something happens that is serious enough to affect those servers, I think that the loss of survey structures will be a relatively minor problem.

          But we have some seriously paranoid clients, so one workaround that we have explored is using the TOOLS > EXPORT SURVEY function to download a copy of a survey in MS Word format, add the necessary formatting, and then using the CREATE SURVEY > FROM WORD function to re-create the survey.

          Jim Wetherill answered


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