[Solved] Can an example bar be added for a text box grid question (prefill a row of example answers)?


Trying to place a first row of examples to fill in a question

mmiller asked

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    Hey Mmiller! I don’t believe anything like that is built-in, but I have an alternate solution you may find useful.

    A fairly common modification to grid column headers is to add a linebreak, and then some additional descriptive text. This technique could easily be applied to this situation, leaving you with something like this:

    To achieve this requires writing the tiniest amount of HTML. The linebreak itself is done with a “linebreak element”, which looks like this:


    If you’d like to have your subtext be italicized, like my example, you would wrap your subtext in “emphasis tags”, like so:

    <em>Italicized text here</em>

    HTML is picky, so don’t forget the “closing” </em> tag! Altogether, here is the what the edit panel looks like for the example question I showed above:

    I hope this information helps 🙂

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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