[Solved] Can an answered survey be reopened or a response changed?


Hi there!

is there a way to reopen an answered survey?

what if a user wants to change is response?

Softtek306228 asked

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    Hi there – great question!

    I think what you’re looking for is an edit link for a completed response – you can retrieve that on an individual-response level or download those links for every respondent. See this great article on how to do so:


    Survey Cartographer answered
      • I never knew about the edit survey merge code, this is very nice. Do you know if it updates the submitted date/time so when I pull weekly responses will there be a single response with the updated date/time or will both responses be in the database?

      • Ah yes! The timestamp WILL update when a response is updated using an edit link – so definitely watch out for this when it comes to filtering and delivering reports and exports! Thanks for reminding me of this caveat 🙂



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