[Solved] Can a question with piping be used to validate another question?



I have a question that has answers piped in.  I want to build a separate question that only shows if the respondent selects specific answers for the piped in question.



Question 1: What are your favorite fruits? Options: apple, banana, grapes

Question 2: (Rows are piped in based on selections in Q1) What are your favorite ways to eat each of these fruits? In a pie, mashed, with other fruits, in a smoothie

Questions 3: (Only shows if respondent selects “in a pie” or “in a smoothie” for Q2) Do you make these items yourself or by already prepared?




Nancy Laffe asked

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    There is a way to accomplish this!  You’ll need to save the piped answers to a static question first (which you can hide) so that you can base logic off of it.  This is because a piped question itself cannot be the basis for logic.  Here is how this is done:


    If you would like to do something more specific, please do reach out to us at support@sgizmo.com or by our chat system.  We’re happy to help!

    Topper Shull answered


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