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Hello, I’m trying to determine if SurveyGizmo can be told to calculate percentages based on all respondents to a question not just to the row?  This is a common issue that requires manual recalcs: when there are multiple options, SG will calculate percentage based on responses to that option, and not the question. Please advise. Thanks

Julie ZawackiLucc asked

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    Hello Julie!

    It sounds like you are describing the behavior of Checkbox questions calculating answer percentages based upon the total number of respondents (eg, how many times was this option selected out of all respondents). This behavior was chosen because our research showed it to be the most common use-case for checkbox answer data.

    Changing this behavior in the “summary table” below each question is not possible I am sorry to say, however it is possible to coerce our software to calculate these alternate percentages for you! A simple way to do this is to create a Summary Report, and to convert your Checkbox question elements to display as pie charts. (If you’re unsure how to change a report element display type, see this Summary Report tutorial).

    For a great description of the implications of calculating Checkbox answer percentages based upon the total number of answer options checked versus the total number of respondents, please see the following well-written article:


    I hope this information helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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