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I have two slider questions in a survey.  The first asking the satisfaction from 0-100 of an item.  I then display some additional info about the item.  After that, we follow up asking how they would rate the satisfaction knowing this information. 

Lastly I have a question of why the respondents satisfaction increased/stayed the same/decreased.  This could be three potential questions, just utilizing some logic.  So if the respondents satisfaction went up after they were displayed the additional information, they would get a question like “Why did your satisfaction level increase?”.  

I have limited knowledge of scripting/java etc., so would like to see what possibilities there are in just basic setup.  However, I have not had any luck.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don’t think it can be done without scripting. However, a script to give you the difference would be relatively easy.

    Create a Hidden Value Action on the page with your sliders and call it something like Difference

    Create a Custom Script action at the top of the page following your sliders and enter the following script:

    %%slider1id = 5;
    %%slider2id = 6;
    %%differenceid = 7;

    %%slider1 = sgapiGetValue(%%slider1id);
    %%slider2 = sgapiGetValue(%%slider2id);

    sgapiSetValue(%%differenceid, %%slider2 – %%slider1);


    Change the 5, 6, and 7 in the script to the id numbers of the two sliders and the difference hidden value. This can help you find the id numbers:

    Then you can use the value of the difference hidden value in display logic for your later questions

    IS answered


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