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if I have a radio button table (20 item), can I calculate the average of item 5, 12, 16 and 19? I would like to have the results in report. Is it possible?


abheyrajsingh answered

    If you have a Pro or Enterprise level account, you can develop a custom script to perform this task.

    The script would have to get the values entered in the radio-button matrix (returned as an array), extract the values from the array, add and divide the values to yield the average, and then set that as a value that could be displayed in a report.

    I have never developed a script like this, but it would seem that you would have to make each of the sub-questions within the matrix required.  Otherwise you would have to write code for instances where one or more of the values you are using to calculate the average are missing.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Hi Donatella,

      You might also look at the Quiz Score action as a possible solution which allows you to calculate a score (or average) based upon a respondent’s answers to questions that you choose:

      With the “Tally” option, you can even assign your own point-values to each answer option. This allows you to define your own scale, or have weighted answers for example.

      The results of a Quiz Score action may also be included in a report.

      I hope this helps!

      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

        Thanks for the reply Jim.

        However, I do not know create a code that can do it.

        Anyone has already developed a script like this?

        Donatella Fiorentino answered


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