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Hoping someone can help please? We built a survey where the sum of a continuous sum question is stored in a hidden value on a following page via the example custom script. On the page after this, there is a text box answer which the user can submit their comments on the previous numerical answer.

Once the user has got to the comments answer, in testing it is not possible for them to go back and make changes to the continuous sum question.

Is this something that can be remedied. The custom script is on the same page as the hidden value, and then says to jump to the page following that one, per the worked example. Is this what is preventing people going back? If so, does anyone know a workaround?

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jordan!

    It sounds like the¬†sgapiJumpToPage is preventing you from using the back button. There’s a few ways around it, but I think the simplest solution is to move the comment question onto the same page as the script/hidden value and delete the sgapiJumpToPage in the script. If you need to display the total in the comments question, you could use a bit of JavaScript to grab the hidden value and display it on the page. Then you can use the back button!

    Let me know if you need help displaying the total on the same page!

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