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How can I insert a button in multiple pages of my survey that redirects to the start of a fresh survey?

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    Thanks – I ended up inserting an image with an url to the start of the survey. In this case, I am using the survey as decision making tool for healthcare professionals and do not need to collect responses. Thanks for the help!

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      Be aware that adding a link the way Lola suggested will not submit the page of the survey that the link is on. That means that if you put the link at the bottom of a page of questions and the respondent clicks the link, all of the answers to the questions on that page will be discarded.

      If that isn’t what you want, there are some other things you could do, but it would help to know why you want to have someone in the middle of your survey end immediately and go to a fresh survey. 

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        • Great point! Thanks for mentioning this, since it definitely could impact the data collection.

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        You could build a link with html per the instructions here:


        While the instructions are for an external website, you can just use the survey link instead and hide it behind some text like ‘Click Here’.

        Hope this helps!

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