Bulk editor of responses to clean up spelling errors


In a current survey, we allowed for open-ended answers to a question. Seems the concept of correct spelling also is open-ended …

There are about 17 different variations of the same word (with too many Ts, with an initial capital, with all caps, with too many Ns, without any Ts …).

Is there a way to bulk edit these responses? Opening each answer under RESULTS / INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES, then clicking the edit pencil for the correct section, then making the change, then saving … It’s taking a long time.

In my perfect world, we could download the responses, bulk edit them in excel and then re-upload them. Does that world exist?

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    That world does exist!

    The data import tool:


    has a bulk update feature:


    I recommend reading the instructions carefully and also downloading a full data file that will serve as your back up (just in case).


    Erin Ruddick17 commented
      • Yahoo! Why can’t I live in SurveyGizmo world full-time, where everyone is kind and supportive and we get sh*t done?

        Thanks, Lola.



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