Building a Participant Database


A client has asked us to develop a panel of their customers for ongoing research.  They are are not a large client and in the past we have used a spreadsheet to manage their needs.  However, we are now looking at how we could better automate the link between the database and customer details.   

Any suggestions on what database software to look at, and where to go to help us work out what needs to be done?   

Is Microsoft Access any good for this type of work?

Brian90 answered

    You should avoid using Access for this type of use case.  With that said, just about any decent DB that will handle multiple, concurrent users will do.  I usually stick with MySQL unless I have a reason not to use it.  It’s quite simple, scales well, and is quite fast.  Postgres is another great choice, but it is a bit more complex–not too much, but there are more features there.  Both MySQL and Postgres are open-sourced so you can get them for free.

    I’m not sure if you’re planning on putting this DB in the cloud or just your local machine for now.  Presuming you put it in the cloud, a combination of webhooks, the SurveyGizmo API, and a bit of logic you put into small app or AWS Lambda function should do the trick.

    Brian90 answered

      Have you considered using SurveyGizmo email lists? –


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