Build Survey Template & Pipe-in Information Into Various Parts of Survey Based on Invitee


I want to conduct a survey of multiple businesses using a single survey template.  Instead of creating one survey per business, I want to create one survey template, and pipe in the specific business information based on the respondent.  In other words, if I invite two people to do the survey, and each person needs to evaluate a different business, I want each person to see different business descriptions.


Here is the setup I have in mind:

  • I create a survey throughout which there are different *insert item* placeholders.  For example, a question like “How would you rate *insert business name*?”.  I want to set up this question so that *insert business name* can retrieve information from an Excel spreadsheet and populate, accordingly.
  • I create an Excel spreadsheet with various fields the survey can pull from: Business Name, Business Address, Business phone.


  • The same Excel spreadsheet would serve as the contact list, and each invitee’s row would contain corresponding business information.  The goal is to invite someone to do the survey, and the appropriate business information will populate in the survey based on that person’s row of information in the Excel doc.


I’m afraid I may be explaining this backwards, but for now I want to know how to set up those dynamic placeholders (for information to be piped-in).  Then, I want to know if it’s possible to do the latter — Tie the pipe-in information to the person invited.


If anyone has a different solution, please share.


If this seems overly complicated, and there is a more practical way of approaching this, please share.


Thank you for looking at this, fellow SurveyGizmo user(s).


Dominic Sharpe answered

    Since you want the spreadsheet to serve as the contact list as well, you will probably want to use an Email Campaign to pre-populate your survey:

    The tricky part will be dynamically populating question titles, answer options, etc. while still getting useful data back.

    My thought is that on the first page of your survey, you create a number of Hidden Value Actions will capture the the various information that you will need to dynamically populate into your questions.

    Once that information is captured, you can use merge codes to reference the Hidden Values and pull the information into your questions.

    Here is more information about merge codes in SurveyGizmo:

    You could also skip the Hidden Value solution and use Email Campaign contacts data directly in you question titles, etc.

    Either option that you chose, I would definitely recommend testing things thoroughly by submitting responses via an email campaign, running reports, and exporting the raw data to see how everything comes through.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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