How to build a radio button grid with two sets of column headers (with two different display color)?



Hi would like to build a radio button grid with two sets of column headers with two different display colors.

In particular, I would like to ask the level of importance and the level of satisfaction in the same radio button grid. See an example below in Word.

I tried to build the same using a drop down menu grid with two sets of column headers, but this set up does not allowing logic rules on subsequent questions.

Is there a way to build/program this?

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Jim Wetherill answered

    Unfortunately there is no good way to do this.

    You can use the CUSTOM TABLE type question to place two radio button grids next to each other.  It is also possible to use custom CSS (.sg-even-column) to adjust the row and column colors.  However, the custom CSS adjusts all columns within the question — there is no way to apply the custom CSS to just one of the grids.

    I would recommend against trying to combine these two questions together into a single grid. It might work on a paper copy where the user can see all of the question in one glance, but respondents with low resolution monitors or mobile devices may not be able to see all of the grid without scrolling. And asking them to respond to two different scales along one row is liable to be confusing (you are asking your respondents to keep track of a lot of information in their short-term memories).

    I think that you are going to get better/more accurate responses to your questions if you set them up as two separate questions.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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