[Solved] Build a White-label reporting interface with SurveyGizmo



We are looking to build a white-label reporting interface hooked up to run survey reports/results from our SurveyGizmo account. Our priority is to get reporting results with the same load time and speeds as if you were running a report directly within the SurveyGizmo survey results dashboard area. In short are there any existing white-label platforms or themes which can do this or are there any recommended developments to use in achieving the same speeds (e.g. Creating a service to sync user data from SurveyGizmo to local database rather than for example directly through API calls)?





Mike Miller commented
    • Richard, have you accomplished this yet? I am looking for the same solution. I am not a programmer so I need assistance developing it. Currently looking to hire a programmer/developer.

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    I haven’t seen anything like this myself, but would also be interested to know if there’s anything out there like it!

    Edit: Zoho Reports seems close, but would still need some work to integrate with SG. If you’re comfortable with consuming SG’s API, processing the data and then sending that on to Zoho’s API, this may be a decent solution to look in to. I’d still like to see a plug-and-play solution though.

    Alexander Raymond answered

      I have been requesting this for several years.  I have actually had a few conference calls in the past couple of weeks with programmers/developers to assist with developing a custom reporting platform or integrating with an existing off-the-shelf program.  I love the SG reporting platform for single or minimal locations.  However, when you have clients with a large number of locations, you need the capability to have dashboards, drill-downs, filters, etc.  If you are interested in how we I am progressing with this reporting platform, feel free to contact me at mike.miller@splitsecondfeedback.com. 

      Mike Miller answered

        We’ve had customers integrate with this company as well:


        Like Alexander said though, it would require a bit of work to get up and running.

        Hope this helps!


        Taylor Morgan answered


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