Bugs in the new Style editor


I started using the new editor and it just stripped a whole lot of javascript from my code and of course I can’t revert that. Since the beginning the editor would find errors in the javascript where there was not (highlighting parts of the code in red) but now that code is completely stripped. And for some reason the + characters get replaced by spaces.

Lucas Painchaud326261 asked

    Hey Lucas, not sure why or how the script would be stripped like that.  I’ve been using sg for a while and haven’t ever had that problem in a js action or anything.

    I’m wondering if you’ve placed script into a text element, or something like that, and didn’t turn off the “Automatically verify and fix this question’s HTML” setting because I’ve done that before and saw script get stripped out.  If that’s the problem, turning off that setting fixed the problem for me.

    I hope that helps, but if not, you may want to contact sg’s support team directly about this at support@sgizmo.com so they can take a look at your specific survey and/or script and see what’s causing the problem.

    Chad Wilco answered


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