[Solved] Broken formatting for “Slider-List” questions


Broken formatting for “Slider-List” questions

Please see the broken layout of questions #8 and #14 in the below survey:


also pasted the screenshot in case you are not able to replicate the error.

Can you please assist ASAP?



Tom Wilkowski asked

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    Hi Tom! I happen to recognize this issue and would be happy to provide an answer.

    This trouble stems from using SurveyGizmo’s older/deprecated theme designer. Roughly one year ago, SurveyGizmo overhauled the theme system to be more compatible with newer browsers and mobile devices. Since that time, the older theme designer has become deprecated (meaning not supported), and at some point will be removed entirely from the application.

    Because we knew some users would not be able to switch over to the new theme system right away, we have not forced anyone to move over to the new system. However, as the old system is deprecated and no longer being maintained by our Engineering team, some issues such as this one have crept in over the course of the last year. We strongly encourage all users to switch over to the new theme system at your earliest convenience, which should also take care of this display issue for you 🙂


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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