[Solved] Breakdown of URL variables in Reports


It looks like there have been some changes to the way Reports are shown. I primarily use this function to examine the breakdown of one of my URL variables to determine if sample sizes for my survey groups are comparable. I can’t find this feature in reports. Is it no longer available here?

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    The new Standard Report does not have a default element for a URL variable (as you would see in the Legacy Summary Report).

    I have worked around this in the following way:

    • I created a Hidden Value Action on page 1 of my survey (the Hidden Value is set up to capture my URL variable data)
    • I can then add a ‘Question’ to my Standard Report and select my Hidden Value as the source for that question – this results in a chart/list of all of my url variables.

    I’m not sure how familiar you are with hidden values, etc. – feel free to reply if you have any follow-up questions.

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