Branching twice?


Is it possible to build two sets of branching logic into one survey? I.e. i have one question i want to split 50/50 and another few questions i want to split three ways. 

Raquel Hamias answered

    @Raquel : You can achieve this! It can get a little tricky if you are nesting branches but it sounds like you just want to split your entire sample twice. In which, case you can just set up 2 branches one, that precedes the 50/50 question and one that precedes the 33/33/33 question. The key is to test to ensure all branches are working like you wish.

    Bri Hillmer
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    Community Admin answered


      I really need help or more elaborating on how to set this up. Specifically what do I do in the HIDE / SHOW options for the branching earlier. Do I just hit “SHOW” for all branches in earlier questions for the second branching setup? 


      Also, OH MY GOD it took at least 15 tries to login to this page! Fix your website. It tells you to login and then takes you to the homepage and then you have to dig all the way back through the help screens to get back to the page! 


      Raquel Hamias answered


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