How to “Branch Segmentation”


Greetings to everyone,

I am trying to carry out a quite simple action, but unfortunately I cannot understand how to do it. I have a percent branch action (50/50 split) and I would like to create a segmentation on my report, based on which one of this branch happened. 

I saw one survey gizmo tutorial where it is said that it is necessary to go to advance logic segmentation and set as a condition “Branching”. However I cannot find it when dealing with the report. I can see it as a question, but then if I use as the answer “Branch A” the system does not recognise it as a valid segmentation (Probably because branching is an action and not a question). Regardless, would you be able to help me setting up such branching-based segmentation?


Thank you very much for your patience,

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Albertobass answered

    Hello there guys, It is me again. Sorry if I am posting again today, it is just that I cannot figure out how to do branch analysis in the results. It should be easy, I must be missing something :)

    Albertobass answered


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