Branch action, split cell routing


Within a survey, I need to set up the script so that 50% of respondents see Section 1 first and Section 2 second, whilst the other 50% to see Section 2 first and Section 1 second. Both sections have multiple pages and questions. 


Any help would be much appreciated!


Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Alex,

    If we had a similar requirement, we would probably take a simple, brutal, approach.  We would create two branches within the survey (  In one branch we would ask the question in one order.  In the other branch we would ask the same questions but in a different order.

    This would be clunky on the back-end, but the respondents would never see that.  It would be easier to segregate the respondent groups from each other for reporting purposes, and you would not have to use any custom programming or elaborate skip patterns to force SurveyGizmo into working in a non-sequential manner.


    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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