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I recently sent a survey and the results showed a Bounced and SoftBounce. I believe the emails have bounced because of the respondents server or provider has blocked the email (as opposed to the email address being wrong).

The survey has been set up so the respondents have a unique link that will allow them to return if they partially complete the survey.

Was the unique link created even though the email bounced? If it was created is there a way of retrieving the unique link? How is this done?

Or is my only option to send them the generic link?


David Harangu67520 asked

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    Hi there,

    The unique links are created as soon as you upload your contact list to SurveyGizmo. The links can be retrieved – if you go to your Email Campaign and access the Contacts screen, you should see a link that says “Export contacts with send status”.

    This will download a file with all of your contacts and their respective unique links.

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      you can use the default link under share for respondents too

      Mary Mawhirter answered


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